talkhealth meets... Sujata Din

In her Expert Interview, Sujata Din uncovers the importance of a 360 approach to better wellness. Through her extensive experience of creating tailored health plans for friends, family and clients she knows exactly what it takes to feel great. 

Here, she answers our quick-fire questions...

Why are you so interested in helping other people with their wellness routines?

My interest in helping others comes from my belief that our health is of the upmost importantance, and that we can all make and see some differences by taking charge of our own health. By making changes to the diet, lifestyle and mindset we improve and up level our wellbeing. When I see the transformations in my clients lives, it's incredibly rewarding. I am passionate about empowering others to make sustainable health choices which are doable and practical.

Wellness is about so much more than a healthy diet - what other aspects do we have to consider when thinking about it?

Wellness extends beyond diet to include several key dimensions such as physical activity, mental health, emotional well-being, sleeping well, having a community and spirituality. It's about finding a balanced and fulfilling life. 

Why do people benefit from a health coach? 

People benefit from a health coach as they get personalised guidance, support, and accountability. I'm in effect reviewing what my clients do and giving recommendations based on what I see is appropriate for them to action to feel bettter.  It starts with setting realistic goals, identifying obstacles, and developing strategies to overcome them. As a Health Coach I am providing motivation and guidance, and can offer insights that my clients might not consider on their own.  

Diet culture can be damaging for people looking to loose weight. Why is this and how should we reframe loosing weight?

Diet culture often promotes quick fixes via things like restrictive eating and calorie counting which can lead to a negative relationship with food and body image. To reframe losing weight, focus on the habits and routines that you enjoy and will be adopting. It's about sustainable lifestyle changes that promote overall health rather than just short-term weight loss. 

There are lots of wellness trends surrounding foods - think fasting etc. Which trends actually work? 

While many wellness trends come and go, those with lasting benefits often support flexible, balanced eating and are sustainable. Intermittent fasting has many benefits, but should be done properly (e.g. not by having processed foods during the hours one can eat). Keep your diet to one that allows you to have traditional foods and you can follow when busy or travelling.

How have perspectives of wellness changed throughout your career? And, what do you expect for the future?

The biggest change I've witnessed is the more integrative approach to weight and mental or emotional health. In the future I see this to keep evolving and people to consider all areas of well being, not just weight loss or improving health markers.  

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