VIDEO: Meditation with Hannah Staunton

We all know that meditation is good for us but it’s something that’s often really hard to crack. The practice of noticing and acknowledging thoughts is one that requires patience, humility and dedication.

And the hardest thing about it can be knowing where to start, which is why we have the soothing Hannah Staunton to take us through a series of guided meditations.



Hannah’s meditation focusses on breathwork - honing in on where our breath comes from, how long it lasts and how it makes us feel. Breath, she says, is a powerful tool for dealing with anxiety, chronic pain and any symptoms of respiratory issues.

If you have a fear around breathing (feeling anxious at the idea of becoming breathless, for example) then this could feel a little challenging at first. Stay with it if you can, taking in slow, calming, long breaths - especially lengthening your exhalation which will activate your parasympathetic nervous system, allowing you to feel more relaxed and grounded. It is also a great way to regulate your nervous system, so the more consistently you practice, the easier you will find it to enter this calmer state of being. 

So, grab your mat and your comfiest clothes and let’s get started!

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