30% of 5-day sugar cleanse with Sujata Din

Offer ends: 30 June 2024

Sugar Cleanse is Sujata Din's simple and effective programme for dealing with sugar cravings that you can do from home. And, we are delighted to offer talkhealth members 30% off!

talkhealth members can get 30% off the programme with the code: TALKHEALTH

You do not need to buy any supplements or shakes when doing this programme, you will be eating real whole foods that you can buy in your local supermarket. 

This is right for you if you:

  • Are you tired of being on yo-yo diets, where you give up sugar, then crave sugar, overindulge and go back to dieting?
  • Want to stop "dieting" and have a healthier lifestyle?
  • Ready to lose weight, get slimmer and look and feel good about yourself?
  • Want to reduce belly bloat, so you no longer need to open your buttons after a meal?
  • Have more energy and not have that mid-afternoon slump.

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