Vanessa Jane Davies

Skin Camouflage and Scar Therapy Consultant - MEWI MFHT LCGI

Vanessa Jane Davies is a Skin Camouflage Consultant with over 25 years of practical experience. She established Skin Camouflage Services at 10 Harley Street in London in 2007 and treats men, women, and children across a wide range of skin conditions particularly vitiligo, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, melasma, erythema and mottled skin.  Vanessa is also highly sought for her skill with scars and burns.

She receives international patients particularly from the Middle East and Europe and holds practicing privileges with Nuffield Health. Patients can self-refer or request a private referral via their embassy, GP, or healthcare provider.

Vanessa has a specialist interest in developing new skin camouflage techniques in Second skin technology, silicone-based pigments, and topical silicone dermal fillers and is certified to provide Microskin™ consultations.

Under the OMIS UKTI Service Vanessa was selected by the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) for her skin camouflage work at two Burns Units in Perth Australia. Furthermore, Vanessa has trained Medical Officers and Combat Medical Technicians in skin camouflage and continues to provide medical skin camouflage assessments to the military. Vanessa volunteers her skills to support Melanoma UK.

Vanessa is a registered, vetted and practicing Expert Witness and takes medico-legal instructions in personal injury, clinical negligence, and rehabilitation. Vanessa deals with complex, serious injury and clinical negligence claims for scarring, self-harm injuries, cutting, burning and chemical injuries.

 As part of the Scar Team Bristol and an accredited ScarWork ™ MSK Therapist Vanessa offers an integrated approach to her work based upon patient needs. Furthermore, she is currently working in collaboration with the University of Sussex to provide clinical expertise in colour matching technology.

Vanessa is a keen guest speaker with her profile, spanning across television, radio, national newspapers, and health/legal publications.

Vanessa is driven by helping those who experience personal and social embarrassment because of their appearance who otherwise would not be able to benefit from this specialist area of healthcare.

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