Prof Richard FitzGerald

Director of the NIHR Liverpool Clinical Research Facility (CRF)

Richard FitzGerald is the Director of the NIHR Liverpool Clinical Research Facility (CRF) and Professor of Experimental Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool. He is a qualified first-in-man principal investigator as part of the CRF’s MHRA Phase I accreditation.

Richard has been involved in early phase clinical trials and experimental medicine for over 15 years, including periods working in industry. He has been a director of the CRF since 2011 and has been principal investigator on many early phase and first-in-man studies over the last ten years.

Richard has particular interests in the design and analysis of early phase trials in patient groups and complex populations, as well as the development of new techniques to develop better data on medicines in both healthy volunteers and patient early phase clinical trials. Richard is also an honorary Consultant Physician in Clinical Pharmacology and General Medicine at Liverpool University Hospitals NHSFT with a range of practice across inpatient acute and general medicine, toxicology, hypertension and adverse drug reactions.