Laura Rose-Wilkins

Distinction in Life Coaching from the Coaching Academy

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I am a fully qualified and accredited Life Coach.

My Story - I used to eat lots of sweet food - any excuse to snack was good enough. I would say to myself, "I'll start eating healthy tomorrow" or next month, or in the new year...

I've never considered myself to have an eating disorder. I'm just an ordinary person fighting my primitive brain which tells me to eat as much as possible when food is plentiful, in order to get me through times of scarcity (except I'm privileged enough to live in a modern world where scarcity never comes).

In 2019 I read a book by a psychologist who advocated a set of techniques to overcome binge eating. I'm passionate about personal development, so I used this insight to create a programme for myself. 

When I started my life coaching qualification with The Coaching Academy, the most common goal people brought to me was losing weight. I created a health programme for one of my paying clients and she was delighted at just how successful it was at producing long-lasting results. 

One day I hope Snackless can form part of an affordable, proactive healthcare solution to our nation. But for now, I hope the 30 day online programme helps you personally to snack less.

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