Dr Cheryl Rezek

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

talkhealth webinar

Watch Dr Cheryl Rezek's expert webinar on Managing & Negotiating Anxiety 

Dr Cheryl Rezek is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, author and mindfulness teacher who brings a fresh and dynamic approach to how mindfulness and psychological concepts can be integrated into everyone’s life as a way of managing it in the most helpful way. Her work is engaging, accessible and realistic, giving it a broad appeal. Her innovative model, mindfulness-based multi-dynamic approach, is based on academic knowledge and her extensive clinical experience and it is regarded as an emerging mindfulness-based approach.  It encourages awareness of oneself within a context, the development of resilience and skills, and the use of mindfulness. She has a longstanding clinical and academic career, she's lectured, supervised, developed and headed programmes, appeared on radio and TV shows as well as run workshops nationally and internationally.  She is the author of several books and an exciting children’s programme entitled Monkey Mind and The Mountain: Mindfulness, Mental Health and Resilience.

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